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The aim of lotto is to find those magic lucky numbers that the lottery draw will provide. A player who is lucky enough to get at least a part of the numbers correct, can expect smaller but still valuable winnings from the game. People have come to consider the lottery and lotto results as a game of chance, rather than actual gambling.

When asked, 83% of players answered with “No, I am not a gambler”, just before buying a lottery ticket. This proves, that the chances of winning the lottery are incredibly small, therefore players tend to play the game just for fun or as a habit.

The relatively small wager makes this game unique in its niche, like superenalotto. Players can hope for immense winnings if they manage to get all the numbers right at the lotto draw.

Over the course of the last 50 years, several different variants of the classic lottery game have emerged.

Today there are over 20.000 different lottery games available to the general public. Most of these lotteries are state-owned monopolies, that have a strict regulation and can usually only be played from the governing country by it’s residents. In some cases, and due to the emerging power of the internet, the lotteries have undergone deep reforming, and some of the major lotteries are now able to provide lotto tickets to foreign countries as well, due to online lotto ticket acquisition.

s purpose, the scientific evidence would be missing that would make it clear that online poker and online casino gambling a higher risk go out, as sports betting.