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Casino Baden in the fast lane

The last year has brought a good balance for the Casino Baden. These take the casino operator is an opportunity to expand on and so its market position further. The City Casino Baden AG decided now 90 percent of the share capital of the casinos to take in Davos. With this new strategy, the managers want to strengthen their own position in the market.

The City Casino Baden AG is mainly owned by the town of Baden. This includes the possession of the Casinophonebill.com Baden AG, while the Grand Casino Baden. The Isle Casino has in the past have suffered losses due to the financial Kriese, the smoking ban and the increased online gambling. The loss of the casino in 2011 declined by 1.4%. Overall, the city casino group was even recorded a slight increase, thus the net profit almost doubled to a total of 7.3 million euros.

In the autumn of this year, at the opening of the new casino in Zurich. Since this is in direct competition to the Casino Baden AG, are expected at this time with revenues, which will be about a third of revenue last. This fact contributes to the Casino Baden AG has now devised a new strategy to the losses do not just accept, but keep their own position in the market and may even expand. In this way, the authorities hope that the city Casino Group will open new perspectives.

As the first steps to this end were now taking over the casino Davos and the commitment for the concession of the casino Vaduz initiated. Moreover, in addition to other projects to be tackled, mainly concerning the foreign business. For this purpose, the leaders are already in relevant negotiations.